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Ship Classification

Classification consists of a representation of the level of compliance of a ship, vessel or offshore structure to the rules set up by a classification society. This is established following plan approval and surveys carried out by the society’s experts, as provided for in the rules. Ship classification provides a point of reference on ship safety and reliability to shipbuilders, ship repairers, shipbrokers, charterers, insurers, flag administrations and the financial community.

SENSE has a team of career experts and engineers who are proficient in standards of classification society and qualified in the fields of welding, structure, NDE and coating. It can offer strong technical support and efficient service or third party inspection that meets product requirements and standards to clients in ship classification markets.

SENSE Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients’ representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing quality and progress expediting

In Detail

Welding process surveillance, Non Destructive Testing, NDT Surveillance, coating inspection, raw material verification and testing.

Service in various stages including

Manufacture inspection: A surveyor process to the factory for a focused inspection stage by stage based on the characteristics of manufacturing process (such as material test or assembly inspection, etc.) and perform inspection and test for finished products.

Pre-shipment inspection: Before shipment, the surveyor will process to the factory to review related documents (such as material testing and assembly inspection records, etc.), and test or inspect to the products on a random or full basis.

③ Irregular inspection: is a validation method that based on the factory has implemented quality system or quality control system that satisfied CCS, product quality is stable and the surveyor may inspect the factory at any time. According to this method, the factory executes specified quality control and quality check in accordance with CCS requirements; CCS issues product certificate or equivalent identification documents in accordance with product quality records or perfroms irregular inspection.

④ Individual inspection: is a inspection method used for products that are inappropriate for approval or have not yet been recognized. For example, main switchboards of marine which are non-standard products based on the specific requirements of each vessel are not suitable for type-approval, then individual test can be processed. Also, under some specially situations, such as due to the urgent delivery date, there is no time to complete the accreditation process, individual inspection may also be a flexible way to solve the problem. To tailor-made products for ships, individual inspection will also be adopted.


• Industry reputation and service efficient network
• Unique experience in construction machinery field
• A team of experienced and qualified engineer
• Time and cost saving
• High customer orientation
• Minimize non-conformity risks
• Credibility among the manufacturers
• Domestic prices based on international standards
• Assistance in compliance to international norms and local statues

Products Covered

Various ship classification, packet boat, general cargo vessel, container ship, Roll-Roll ship, barge, bulk grain ships, coallier, combination carriers, combination carriers (ore / oil tankers, ore / bulk carrier / tanker), Specialized carrier (timber carrier, cold storage boat, car carriers, etc.), oil tankers, liquefied gas carriers, liquid chemical tanker etc.

Main Standars Used


Major Projects

• Bohai Phase II Development Project