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Visual & Documental Inspection

The objective of this service is to provide additional trust that the goods to be shipped are the same or substantially similar to those described in the order form as being the object of a transaction.

This visual inspection is performed at the time of loading/unloading and determines if the characteristics of units chosen at random (chosen accordingly to the sampling plan appropriate for the product) match those which were declared on the purchase order’s product description, product specification and features.

Checks may also be made on packing, marking and labeling. Product marking and packing details are checked to confirm that the goods are to be shipped in suitable packaging for the transit. The inspector will check manufacture dates, batch numbers, expiry dates (when these details are available), shipping marks, packing lists, supplier certificates and labels.

Sense inspectors will mainly check the following aspects:

• Review the necessary documents required in the purchase order and product specification, such as mill test certificate, mechanical properties test report, and etc.
• Inspect carriers to verify suitability for receiving the intended cargo; check cleanliness, dryness, ventilation, cargo separation, etc.
• Report markings, type packing (bulk, cartons/drums, etc.) and, if practical, count; check with vessel to see if a clean Mate Receipt was granted
• Immediately report from the job site to the appropriate office any abnormalities such as damage, loss of material, improper stowing, delays in loading, etc.;
• Cameras may be used to document the circumstances.


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