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Hoisting Equipment 

In China, SENSE has a team of career experts and engineers who are proficient in both national and international standardss and qualified in the fields of welding, structure, machinery, electric and NDE. It can offer strong technical support and efficient service or third party inspection that meets product requirements and standards to clients in hoisting equipment markets to meet the following purposes: assure the quality desired in your assets, reduce the downtime of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost, to make your operations profitable, SENSE provides you with the experience of a huge group to assist you in the risk management of your port equipment and facilities during its entire life cycle.

Service Aimed at

Specifically for the new port machinery, port machinery shipyard crane and other hoisting equipment, or Dept. provide professional service of steel structures etc.

SENSE Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing quality and installation, testing and commissioning checking
Act as clients’ representatives for inspection and surveillance during manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning checking

Audit the manufacturer, project mannagement, QA/QC inspection, structure assembly surveillance, welding process surveillance, non destructive testing, NDT surveillance, coating inspection, the inspection shop fabrication, commissioning and testing, loading and sea fastening inspection, unload surveillance, documentation review and raw material verification and testing.


• Industry reputation and service efficient network
• Unique experience in construction machinery field
• A team of experienced and qualified engineer
• Time and cost saving
• High customer orientation
• Minimize non-conformity risks
• Credibility among the manufacturers
• Domestic prices based on international standards
• Assistance in compliance to international norms and local statues

Products Covered

Quayside, tyre cranes, truck cranes, caterpillar cranes,bridge cranes and supporting products, ship loaders, ship unloaders and transmission belt etc.

Main Standars Used


Major Projects

• 3605 LP Mud Guns for Carolina Project
• Odebrecht Drillship Norbe IX
• Petrojet The Petroleum Projects