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Power Energy

SENSE steadily participates in various power stations & plants construction, provides engineering quality inspection and supervision service during the construction process since the establishment of 1995. We can offer a wide range of services for the whole period of the project, from raw material inspection to packaging and shipment, covering thermal power, hydropower and wind power areas.

Based on rich experience, good project execution and excellent quality service, SENSE wins clients high recognition and compliment in the market. We will continuously spare no efforts to meet our clients’ expectation in project performance & duration, quality and price.

SENSE has a team of career experts and engineers who are proficient both in national and international standards, familiar with power construction and qualified in the fields of welding, structure, NDE inspection and coating inspection. We can offer strong technical support and efficient service or third party inspection that meets product requirements and standards to clients in energy power market.

Sense Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients' representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing
quality and progress expediting

QA & QC services, welding process supervision, NDE inspection/supervision, coating inspection, inspection of shop fabrication, commissioning and testing, pre-shipment inspection, visual & documental inspection, materials inspection & verification.


 • Industry reputation and service efficient network 
 • Unique experience in power energy field 
 • A team of experienced and qualified engineer 
 • High customer orientation 
 • Credibility among the manufacturers  
 • Time and cost saving 
 • Domestic prices based on international standards
 • Minimize non-conformity risks 
 • Assistance in compliance to international norms and local statues

Products Covered

Power pressure, tube panel, reheater, superheater, water wall, membrane wall, cylinder, power plant steel structure, and etc. 

Main Standards Used


Major Projects

• Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm project
• Georgia Power Plant McDonough Projet
• Florid Power & Light West County Energy Center
• The Emissions Control Project at Castle Peak Power Station "B"
• 06361 UTE PECEM & ITAQUI 4×360MWe Boiler Island Flues, Ducts and Coal bunkers
• INDIA KALISINDH 2×600MW Power Plant Project
• Tecnimont Power Factor Improvement
• Two sets of 300MW coal-fired power generators in Shangdong Heze power station project which is mainly    contracted with Mitsui Babcock Energy(UK) Ltd
• Two sets of 600MW power generator in Shandong Liaocheng coal-fired power station project which is mainly contracted with Mitsui Babcock Energy(UK) Ltd