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Petrochemical Industry

SENSE actively communicates and cooperates with domestic and international petrochemical industry companies since the establishment of 1995. It provides multi-functional inspection services, covering equipment and pipe manufacturing supervision, in-service performance testing, security control, welding and NDT inspection, painting anti-corrosion inspection, engineering consultancy services, etc.

Based on rich experience, good project execution and excellent quality service, SENSE wins clients high recognition and compliment.

SENSE has a team of career experts and engineers who are proficient both in national and international petrochemical system standards and qualified in the fields of welding, structure, NDE inspection and coating inspection. We can offer strong technical support and efficient service or third party inspection that meets product requirements and standards to clients in petrochemical industry.

Sense Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients’ representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing
quality and progress expediting

QA & QC services, welding process supervision, NDE inspection/supervision, pipe manufacturing supervision, coating inspection, petrochemical equipment factory acceptable testing, petrochemical product packing inspection, in-service equipment performance testing, visual & documental inspection, materials inspection & verification.


• Industry reputation and service efficient network
• Unique experience in power energy field
• A team of experienced and qualified engineer
• High customer orientation
• Credibility among the manufacturers 
• Time and cost saving
• Domestic prices based on international standards
• Minimize non-conformity risks
• Assistance in compliance to international norms and local statues


Products Covered

Natural gas transportation pipeline, oil & gas transportation pipeline, LSAW, helix tube, absorption tower, desulfurization equipment, drilling machine, oil production equipment and petrochemical system buildings, etc.

Main Standards Used


Major Projects

• Pazflor Project
• Grupo-R Semi-Rig Project
• Odebrecht Drillshipe Norbe VIII & IX Project
• Pearl GTL Project
• NICICO-Refrasmith Bricks
• Carolina Deepwater Drillship Project
• BP Sanya ocean oil platform.
• Anti-corrosion inspection for in-service pressure pipelines and vessels in BP Sanya Petroleum
Y13-1 base.
• Phase II Project of Hong Kong Tsing Yi Oil Terminal
• BP ARCO' s gas lines to China Power (HK) Ltd.
• Clean-out & NDE (UT&MT) inspect for two 10,000m3 in-service Condensa