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Steel Structure Building

SENSE steadily participates in various steel structure building, workshop, gird structure, gymnasium and stadium building, aircraft maintenance hangar and so on, providing comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for types of projects – no matter the size or location since the establishment of 1995.

As an independent third party, SENSE has specialized personnel and procedures to control and supervise construction processes. SENSE carries out independent and impartial examination, verification and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems and products are constructed according to specification requirements. SENSE performs audits, site and production assessment visits, monitoring or witnessing of activities, including safety and quality functions and reporting.

Sense Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients’ representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing
quality and progress expediting

QA & QC services, welding process supervision, NDE inspection/supervision, project management and technical assistance for civil works, buildings and installations, coating inspection, construction materials testing, steel structure examination and verification, visual & documental inspection, Project control, Permanent supervision by experienced experts


• Industry reputation and service efficient network
• Unique experience in steel structure field
• A team of experienced and qualified engineer
• High customer orientation
• Credibility among the manufacturers
• Time and cost saving
• Domestic prices based on international standards
• Minimize non-conformity risks
• Assistance in compliance to international norms and local statues

Products Covered

High-rise building, factory buildings, Structural steelwork for metallurgical equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc. gymnasium and stadium building, aircraft maintenance hangar, gird structure, highways etc.

Main Standards Used


Major Projects

• HEACO AICRAFT Maintenance Hangar 3 A Repair Shop
• 06361 UTE PECEM & ITAQUI 4×360MWe Boiler Island Flues, Ducts and Coal bunkers
• Pearl GTL Project
• SZ01-GSK-NIBT JV Shenzhen Flu Facitities Revamping Project
• Tupi FPSO MV22 Spread Moor
• H3026 GRUPO R Rig Project
• Nigeria Airstreams Repair Shop
• Shenzhen SEG Plaza
• Shenzhen Merchants Bank Tower
• Shenzhen University Construction Institute Building
• Shenzhen Special Zone Express Tower
• Shenzhen Bureau of Planning & Land Administration
• SHEEL PMC Office Building
• Hongkong Festival Building
• The Financial Center A Building
• DongMen Financial Building
• Multi-function Building of Yitian Garden……
• HongKong Western Railway Structure project
• The first stage of Shenzhen Subway Fabrication
• Macao Liansheng Industrial factory
• Shenzhen Citizen Center (70,000m2)
• Pepsi-Cola Co., Shenzhen workshop
• Shenzhen International Exposition Garden
• Shenzhen airdrome
• Shenzhou No.1 Whirling equipment
• Port equipment (bridge crane, crane tires, etc.)